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Ridge to Rivers

FRIDAY, JULY 24 WEEKEND TRAIL REPORT: We are forecast to have a little cooler temperatures this weekend and the trails are riding great so this weekend should be a great time to get out on the system. Be aware that the crew is doing work on both Freddy’s Stack Rock trail and Dry Creek trail, but both are still open for use. The trail closure due to the Army Corps of Engineers survey are listed below. Those are for next week.

An additional note: As most trail users are aware, we use stickered posts like the one pictured below, to designate trails and trail junctions. The trail junction posts also include directional arrows. This summer we have seen a strange increase in folks removing the stickers from the posts. It is nearly impossible to remove the stickers in one piece so we are at a loss to understand why someone would do this. The stickers are relatively expensive to manufacture and it requires a staff member to go replace them when the stickers are removed so it is a fairly costly endeavor when the removal is spread across two hundred miles of trails. If you happen to see someone removing signs or stickers, and they aren’t wearing a ranger jersey or trail crew shirt, please let us know, as they are costing the system money that is better spent elsewhere and also potentially causing another trail user to head in a direction they weren’t anticipating.

Have a great weekend and Happy Trails!

Monday: #26 Three Bears from #5 Freestone Ridge to #3 Watchman
Tuesday: #26 Three Bears
Wednesday: #4A Hull’s Ridge
Thursday: #4 8th Street Motorcycle trail
Friday: #32 Scott’s Trail and #31 Corrals Trail

Recent work on Peggy's Trail



About Ridge to Rivers

The Boise Foothills provide a postcard backdrop that inspires and soothes the soul. An interconnected network of roads and trails courses through the hills, linking not only neighborhoods with public lands but also connecting people with the natural environment. With over 190 miles of trails, there is something for everyone. Here we provide ideas and tips about where to go, how to enjoy the foothills without damaging them and information about the area you may find interesting. As you explore, notice the diversity in the land, the plants and the animals, then imagine our community without this unique treasure. You can help protect and care for this special place by learning more about the land and its needs.