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Dog Park Construction Update And Impact to Archery Range

The Boise Parks and Recreation Department has just received the final approvals necessary to begin building the Military Reserve Dog Park, which will be located at the site of the current archery range in Military Reserve. Construction will begin Wednesday, May 29 and will require closure of the archery range. Targets will start to be removed from the site on May 28.

Meanwhile, clean-up and soil remediation has already begun on the new archery range site, which is located at the Military Reserve Police Shooting Range.

Trails and parking in the area of the shooting range will remain open and department staff ask that the community be mindful of trucks entering and exiting the construction area.

We understand that the closure of the current range means there is not currently a place to practice archery in Military Reserve. Please rest assured that contractors will work to clean-up and build the new archery range site as weather permits, with the goal of a mid-June opening.

Idaho Fish and Game recently completed a 3D walking range on Highland Valley Road, accessible off Highway 21. Boise Parks and Recreation partnered with Idaho Fish and Game to help get this project completed. We encourage archers to check out this great new addition to archery in the valley.

If you have any questions or concerns about these projects, please feel free to contact the Boise Parks and Recreation Department via email.

Thank you for your understanding and cooperation as these new amenities are constructed.

Bike Skills Park Construction Update

The Reserve Street trail will no longer be open. This closure will remain in place for the duration of the project, anticipated for August 2019. Thank you for your patience and cooperation as the site is built out!

Military Reserve Sewer Work

The sewer project has been completed. Mountain Cove Road is now open but be aware that the surface of the road is still very rough.

This 474 acre natural area is named for Fort Boise and the associated military maneuvers that were performed here between the 1860s and 1940s. The area served several purposes, including the staging of gunnery practice into the hills above. After the military halted its operations, the community recognized the importance of this area and the Boise Front for recreation and wildlife values. Boise City acquired title to the property from the Federal government for "recreation and public purposes". It is managed as a recreation and wildlife reserve, with human activities allowed in ways that do not detract from the natural values.

A Few Nice Options

#22 Central Ridge Trail

This trail, when combined with any number of trails in Military Reserve, makes a great loop. It affords wonderful views of downtown Boise and surrounding parts of this natural reserve. Best bet for fall color viewing.

#27 Cottonwood Creek Trail

Often referred to as "The Black Forest", you won't find any European castles, but you will find a pleasant and rewarding trail through cottonwood stands and open sagebrush flats. Please avoid the volunteer trails that meander through the brush as this area is set aside for wildlife to enjoy.

#25 Eagle Ridge Trail

Parts of this trail are surfaced with asphalt to serve maintenance of nearby communications towers. Because of this, the trail can be a good foul weather alternate and sports some fine views of the downtown area and a birds-eye perspective of Cottonwood Creek.

#20 Ridge Crest Trail

This trail links the Cottonwood Creek and Freestone Creek drainages and is part of the "North by Northwest" crossing of the lower reaches of the Boise Front. This trail should be avoided during winter months unless the temperature is below freezing as it is comprised of heavy clay soils that damage easily when muddy.

#23 Military Reserve Connection

This trail is part of the connection between Military and Hulls Gulch Reserves. This combined with the Kestrel and Red Fox Trails, is also part of the "North by Northwest" crossing of the lower Boise Front. Please stay on the trail since it crosses through a rare plant area.

Deer in tall grasses

Military Reserve Wildlife

Trailhead Parking

Please park only in the following designated areas.

Two trailheads accessing this area are located along Mountain Cove Road. Cottonwood Creek Trailhead is located .5 miles up Mountain Cove Road from the Reserve Street intersection. Freestone Trailhead is located another .4 miles further on Mountain Cove Road. Both are located on the east side of the road.