Table Rock Area

The Table Rock area offers challenging hiking and mountain biking.  Most users access these trails from the Old Idaho Penitentiary parking lot, where there is a kiosk and directional signage for the trails.  The Table Rock area offers stunning views of Boise and the Treasure Valley, and is a favorite among trail enthusiasts for sunset hikes and rides.  The Table Rock area should be avoided when the temperatures are above freezing during winter months, as well as after spring and summer rain storms, as the soils contain significant amounts of clay, and trail damage occurs easily at such times.

Some of the more popular trails include:

Table RockTable Rock Trail #15:  This trail climbs steeply from the Old Penitentiary parking lot, to the top of Table Rock.  It is an old road, so it is quite wide for the majority of its length.  This is probably the most popular route to the top of Table Rock.

Table Rock Loop #16:  This trail traverses the quiet backside of Table Rock, and makes an excellent loop when combined with Table Rock Trail #15.

Table Rock Quarry Trail #17:  This trail offers incredible views as it winds its way under large sandstone blocks beneath the rim of Table Rock.  It also makes for a great loop when combined with Trails 15 and 16.

Shoshone-Paiute Tribes Loop #19:  This is a shorter and easier loop trail that leaves from the Old Penitentiary parking lot, and ascends the prominent point just to the west.  It provides nice views for minimal effort.

Table Rock

Rock Island #16B:  The Rock Island trail provides technical challenge for mountain bikers, as it traverses numerous small rock features on the large plateau below Table Rock. Ride this trail at your own risk, and only if you are ready for this type of challenge.

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