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Ridge to Rivers

Winter Trail Use: Stay Off Muddy Trails

Trail Update

SATURDAY MARCH 23rd TRAIL CONDITION REPORT: The rain we had overnight was light enough that it shouldn't impact use much today as far as we can tell at this point. Sometimes with these spring storms one area will get hit hard but other areas will miss the rain altogether so if you happen to ride/run/hike into a spot that did get a lot of moisture please assess if you should continue or find a different route.
The forecast for today calls for more rain this evening so be watching for that. Despite the nice weather we have been having, there is still snow and ice the closer you get to the Ridge Road and some of the upper trails, prior to the snow are muddy so be aware of that.
The trail crew is doing some spring trail maintenance right now which will continue for the next month or so, but in the meantime be aware that there are some tricky ruts in some areas so be careful if you are out, especially on your mountain bike.
Have a good day and Happy Trails!
 You can also stay up to date with all current trail conditions by going to our Ridge to Rivers Facebook page.





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