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Polecat Loop- Way Too Muddy If Not Frozen (11/29/21)


A few brief items of note:

MANY trails have significant muddy sections now - see picture of Polecat Loop. Traveling through these areas ruins the trail. Be part of the solution, not the problem - make responsible decisions.

1) Plan routes on trails that have sandier soils
2) Use the trails in the morning before they soften up and turn to mud
3) Please turn around if you encounter muddy conditions.

Last month's trail survey showed that a majority of trail users like the directional experience on Polecat Loop, but wanted the direction to change on an annual basis. As such, we have installed signage along the loop indicating that travel is now in a CLOCKWISE DIRECTION.

Landslide Loop Trail will close for the winter after today. This is to protect wintering wildlife. The trail will open again on March 31, 2022. Here is a link to the trail on our interactive map:

Upper 8th Street Road will close for the winter after today (November 30). The closure extends from the ATV Trailhead up to the Ridge Road. This is to protect the integrity of the road surface. The road will open again on May 15, 2022.

Thank you and please help us to spread these messages. Happy Trails!

Muddy Trail Information

Not sure where to hike or hike when conditions are wet or muddy? Please visit our Winter Trail Use page for a list of trails to avoid, all-weather trails and good bets.

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