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Ridge to Rivers


The weather for this weekend seems to be setting us up for the warmest one we’ve had so far this year!  Aside from the possibility of a few showers at some point, the forecast is indicating that we may hit 80 degrees before the weekend is over.  Enjoy this nice taste of spring by getting out on the trails this weekend!

Nearly all the trails we’ve seen in the Lower Foothills have been dry and have excellent conditions for riding or running/hiking.  It is very possible that you may still run into some stray puddles or wet stretches in places that are either shaded for much of the day or in spots that don’t drain water as well.  Please do you best to stay on the trail through these sections rather than going around them, contributing to trail widening.  There is a much higher chance that you will run into more wet areas the higher in the foothills that you go, with the potential for snow still near the ridge.

We’d also like to make note here that we are coming into the time of year when we hear about interactions between coyotes and dogs on Ridge to Rivers system trails.  There are signs posted to remind users of this potential in locations where there have historically been conflicts with coyotes (the Lower Hulls Gulch trails, Corrals, and Chukar Butte to name a few).  If you have a dog with you while out recreating, please be especially aware of this possibility this time of year when the coyotes are likely protecting their young ones.  Make sure you always have a leash with you and that your dog/s are under your control.  We continue to share our open spaces with coyotes, and wildlife of all kinds, and it is important to remain mindful of that even as we enjoy our recreational opportunities in these places.

Happy Trails this weekend!

Sandy trail in the Lower Foothills

Highlands Trail