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THURSDAY, MARCH 4TH TRAILS CONDITION REPORT: First, a very big thank you to everyone that has been posting their own trail reports over the past days and weeks. The extra information and insight gathered with more of you weighing in is hugely beneficial to everyone! Keep it up, especially while conditions are questionable and the weather has turned so appealing for folks to be out on trails. Once again, today's weather looks beautiful and even more spring-like than even the previous days. Highs in the upper 50's with sunshine means that it is going to be hard to resist heading outside, and rightly so! That said, we will still try to pump the breaks on the enthusiasm slightly today by mentioning that, yes, there are still A LOT of muddy trails out there. We can see in both our own outings yesterday and from your user reports that we are still coming across muddy trails that aren't ready for use. They will dry, and probably sooner rather than later, so give them a break in the meantime.

1) Trails breaking off from 8th St. yesterday, especially once you got to the mid-level foothills trails (Upper Hulls Gulch, Corrals, Trail 4) were still very, very wet in places yesterday afternoon. The snow level on 8th St. itself is just above the ATV parking still. Plenty of people were were out using the road and avoiding the wetter trails, which was great to see.
2) Trails at the Military Reserve were also muddy in places still, including Ridgecrest, Central Ridge and Spurs, and Bucktail. Cottonwood trail was especially wet and we don't anticipate it drying out for quite a few days still as it sits mostly in the shade.
3) Polecat and Peggy's trails were still experiencing snow melt and these soils will also be quite muddy for a few more days at least. We all love these trails and want to get back to our loops there, but please continue to give them a break as well.
4) Trails a bit higher in the system such as those below Lucky Peak and Dry Creek/Sweet Connie area are still either very wet in places or snow covered the higher you get. The lower, sandier reaches of Dry Creek that sit more in the sun may be a good option though.
5) The best trail conditions you will find out there are still on sandy and all-weather trails as well as dirt roads heading up into the foothills. For a more complete list of these trails and winter trail etiquette visit the Ridge to Rivers Winter Trail Use page at:
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Upper Hulls Gulch

Trail 4 ATV Lot

Corrals 8th Street

8th Street Above Gate

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The Boise Foothills provide a postcard backdrop that inspires and soothes the soul. An interconnected network of roads and trails courses through the hills, linking not only neighborhoods with public lands but also connecting people with the natural environment. With over 190 miles of trails, there is something for everyone. Here we provide ideas and tips about where to go, how to enjoy the foothills without damaging them and information about the area you may find interesting. As you explore, notice the diversity in the land, the plants and the animals, then imagine our community without this unique treasure. You can help protect and care for this special place by learning more about the land and its needs.

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