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Ridge to Rivers

Trail Condition Report

Updated: Wednesday, June 20, 2018

GOOD IDEA TO LEASH YOUR DOG ALONG CRESTLINE TRAIL. We've had two reports of a coyote following hikers and tussling with their dogs along Crestline Trail in recent days. Idaho Fish and Game suspects that there is likely a den nearby and that the response from the coyote is a result of that. At this time of year the pups should be leaving the den very soon if they have not left already. Introducing another canine into a breeding pairs denning area would probably be enough to elicit an aggressive response from the coyote. Once the pups leave the den the family would not be as tied to the immediate area and that should alleviate some of the potential conflict. In the meantime, it would be wise to either keep your dog on a leash in this area, or avoid Crestline Trail.

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The Boise Foothills provide a postcard backdrop that inspires and soothes the soul. An interconnected network of roads and trails courses through the hills, linking not only neighborhoods with public lands but also connecting people with the natural environment. With over 190 miles of trails, there is something for everyone. Here we provide ideas and tips about where to go, how to enjoy the foothills without damaging them and information about the area you may find interesting. As you explore, notice the diversity in the land, the plants and the animals, then imagine our community without this unique treasure. You can help protect and care for this special place by learning more about the land and its needs.