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Ridge to Rivers

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FRIDAY, OCTOBER 18TH WEEKEND TRAIL CONDITION REPORT: The weather is changing for the weekend, so you may need to pay close attention to trail conditions tomorrow. Please be ready to turn around if you encounter muddy conditions, and if you want a safe bet just head to one of our sandier trails like Lower Hulls Gulch, or one of our all-weather trails in Hulls Gulch Reserve, Harrison Hollow, Military Reserve or the Chief Eagle Eye Reserve. Don't continue on your route if you encounter mud - take a look behind you - if you are leaving tracks, please turn around.
On the bright side, the weather dries out Sunday and looks beautiful next week!
Take and live the Happy Trails Pledge!

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Stack Rock Trail, Friday Morning

About Ridge to Rivers

The Boise Foothills provide a postcard backdrop that inspires and soothes the soul. An interconnected network of roads and trails courses through the hills, linking not only neighborhoods with public lands but also connecting people with the natural environment. With over 190 miles of trails, there is something for everyone. Here we provide ideas and tips about where to go, how to enjoy the foothills without damaging them and information about the area you may find interesting. As you explore, notice the diversity in the land, the plants and the animals, then imagine our community without this unique treasure. You can help protect and care for this special place by learning more about the land and its needs.