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Winter Trail Use: Stay Off Muddy Trails

Trail Update

With no hard freeze overnight, conditions on the trails are pretty similar to what they were yesterday. The good news is that during our afternoon check yesterday many of the sandier trails were starting to firm and with the drying trend that is predicted to start tomorrow, may be in good shape the beginning of next week.
The all weather trails are available to use and an depending on how much and what kind of moisture we get today, sandier trails may be better for use this afternoon. You will likely hit standing water even on these trails so be prepared to travel through those.
Loops are not possible as the popular connecting trails are still muddy and as you can see from the photos, have soaked up a lot of moisture in the last couple of days. If you head out, remember to turn back from long sections of mud.
A little restraint in the next few days will pay dividends later so please be responsible.
TABLE ROCK TRAILS: The trails are closed this morning. We will continue to monitor and post updates if that changes.

OF NOTE:  A number of people have expressed interest in helping to educate other trail users as to responsible winter trail use.  If you are interested in spending a few hours doing so at one of our trailheads on an upcoming (to be determined) Saturday, please join us for a brief meeting on Thursday, February 21st at 6:00 pm at the Foothills Learning Center.  It really does take a community effort to preserve the quality of our amazing trail system.

You can also stay up to date with all current trail conditions by going to our Ridge to Rivers Facebook Page. Thank you and HAPPY TRAILS!

For more on responsible winter trail use look here:

muddy trail

Big Springs Trail

muddy trail

Seamans"s Gulch Trail

muddy trail

Freestone Creek Crossing after the rain in Military Reserve. Looks like the spring thaw but this is the aftermath of the heavy rain.

Sandy trail

Ridgecrest Trail- Military Reserve

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