Horse UserAccess

Finding areas large enough to park a horse trailer can be a challenge in the foothills, as most of our trailheads are limited by terrain, and subsequently relatively small.  Here are some locations that provide the best parking opportunities:

  • Old Penitentiary Trailhead (Table Rock trails)
  • Miller Gulch Trailhead (Corrals and Hard Guy trails)
  • Dry Creek Trailhead (Hidden Springs and Daniels Creek area trails)
  • West Highland Valley Road trail access (Wildlife Management Area trails)

Trail Opportunities

While most of the Ridge to Rivers trail system is open to equestrians, some trails are better than others in terms of being less traveled by mountain bikes, or having better sight lines – allowing users to see each other well in advance and practice proper trail yielding.  Here are some suggested trails:

While the number of equestrians that use the Ridge to Rivers trail system is quite small relative to other users, there are still some important things to remember if you are saddling up in the foothills.

Please help preserve the integrity of our trails by riding only when conditions are firm and dry.  

  • Horse hooves create deep “pock” marks in new or wet trails, making for an uncomfortable experience for mountain bikers and trail runners.

Ride only on designated Ridge to Rivers trails.

  • Riding cross country can lead to vegetation loss and eventual erosion.

Other Trail Users

  • Please remember that you should always yield when you encounter equestrians - it is far safer for both parties.  Please step to the downhill side of the trail and allow the horse to pass by.


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