Shafer Butte Area

Shafer ButteClose to 50 miles of high elevation trails exist in the Shafer Butte area. These trails differ significantly from the rest of the Ridge to Rivers system, as they are located in the mountainous forests and meadows above Boise. The Shafer trails are a great location to enjoy cooler temperatures during the heat of the summer. The Shafer area trails can be classified into two categories – those above Bogus Basin Road, and those below Bogus Basin Road. Each have their own unique characteristics, however most notably, those above the road tend to climb then descend, while those below the road begin with long descents and finish with long climbs.

Select Loops below Bogus Basin Road

Eastside #120 / Sinker Creek #122 / DB Connector #123

This loop begins and ends at the Bogus Basin Nordic Lodge. Occasional log and rock obstacles will be encountered on this trail, making for challenging mountain bike stunts.

Eastside descends gradually for approximately 3.5 miles along flowing, forested singletrack. The Sinker Creek Trail descends an additional 2.5 miles, before beginning the climb back toward Bogus Basin via DB Connector and Eastside.

NOTE: Numerous other trails exist in this area that are not part of the Ridge to Rivers system. These trails are not signed or maintained, and often cross private land without authorization. Stay only on signed, system trails to avoid getting lost or ending up on private land.

Select Loops above Bogus Basin Road

Deer Point #91 / Elk Meadows #94 / Lodge Trail #140 / Pioneer #141 / Bogus Creek #143

This is an excellent loop trail that begins with moderate single track and ends on cat tracks that lead back to the start at Simplot Lodge (Bogus Basin base area). Both Deer Point and Elk Meadows trails alternate between crossing through tall stands of fir and lodgepole, and across grassy ski runs dotted with wildflowers. Views from the top include a large swath of southern Idaho to the south, as well as the mountains of central Idaho to the north and east. The jagged peaks of the Sawtooth Mountains are quite visible from the start of the Elk Meadows Trail.Shafer Butte

Watch your speed on the descent of Lodge, Pioneer and Bogus Creek cat tracks, as they are used by Bogus Basin service vehicles during summer months.

Deer Point #91 / The Face #93 / Tempest #95 / Lodge Trail #140 / Sunshine #142 / Shindig #92 / Bogus Creek #143

This option adds the scenic Face Trail, which crosses the steep face of Shafer Butte, winding around numerous large granite outcroppings. The trail descends for a short, but steep section of Tempest Trail before looping back around on cat tracks, with a quick taste of the challenging Shindig Trail.

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