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The Ridge to Rivers trail system is an incredible amenity for residents and visitors to the Treasure Valley. However their location next to Idaho's largest city makes for unique challenges, as the trails receive significant use year round. With such high use, it is imperative that trail users know the rules of trail etiquette and practice them always. This will ensure that everyone has a good experience while recreating in the Boise Foothills. It will also help to preserve our trail system and the scenic values of the foothills for future generations.

Smile. Greet. Nod.

Every user on the trail is a fellow nature lover. Be friendly and expect to see other folks around every corner.

Don’t use wet trails.

If you are leaving prints (hoof, tire, or boot), the trail is too wet to use. When approaching muddy spots, go through the center of the mud to keep the trail narrow. Keep up to date on current trail conditions by checking our homepage, or following Ridge to Rivers on Facebook.

Stay on the trail.

Do not go off trail (even to pass), create new trails, or cut switchbacks. Narrow trails mean less environmental impact and happier critters.


It’s a simple concept: if you offer respect, you are more likely to receive it. All user groups have rights and responsibilities to Boise’s trails, and to each other.

Don’t block trail.

When taking a break, move to the side of the trail.

Hiker walking on dirt trail. Mountain biker pulled to the side of the trail and stopped to allow hiker to pass. Green grass on both sides with blue sky.


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