Wildfire mitigation work set to begin

Tuesday, April 18, 2017

The City of Boise Wildfire Mitigation Team, an inter-departmental partnership between Boise Fire, the Parks and Recreation Department, Planning and Public Works, is working to reduce the risk of wildfire to communities adjacent to City of Boise open space reserves. 

During the spring and early summer, restoration professionals will be managing invasive species, mowing fuel breaks, removing dead woody material and reseeding native species. Restoration professionals will be working in Hulls Gulch, Camel’s Back, Oregon Trail, Mesa, and Military open space reserves. These wildfire risk reduction activities are funded by a Wildland Urban Interface Community Fire Assistance grant awarded to the City of Boise by the Bureau of Land Management. 

Management activities will begin the week of April 16th and continue intermittently through June. In April, targeted herbicides will be applied to manage non-native annual grasses and problematic weeds. The herbicide will be visible with a blue dye. 

Martha Brabec, Foothills Restoration Specialist with City of Boise Parks and Recreation, encourages folks to stay off of the treated areas for at least 24 hours and recommends all pet owners keep dogs on-leash while dye is visible. The herbicides used are not harmful to humans or pets and specifically seek out nonnative plants that compete with native species and increase fire risk. Some treated areas will be re-seeded or re-planted with native plants in the fall 2017 or fall 2018. 

Trails may be obstructed intermittently while project work is being completed. Please stay on designated trails that remain open. Signs will be posted to notify users of rehabilitation and management efforts.

Contact: Martha Brabec
Foothills Restoration Specialist
208-493-2535 or mbrabec@cityofboise.org


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