Camel's Back/Hulls Gulch Reserve

Hulls GulchIn the early 1990s concerned citizens, with the help of local and federal funding, spared Hulls Gulch Reserve from development. With Hulls Creek as the back bone, wildlife finds the area to their liking as well. Designed for flood control, the ponds at the end of 9th Street are a magnet for birds and other wildlife. Fencing around the large pond provides wildlife an area undisturbed by people and pets. To assure opportunities to view wildlife, please stay only on designated trails. Ongoing restoration efforts, on Camel's Back, protect native and rare plants (i.e. Aase’s Onion and Arrowleaf Balsamroot) and rehabilitate steep hill climbs that have been eroding the landmark. Please give this area your help by staying only on the nearly 3 miles of designated trails.

Camel's Back Trails

This hill is loved by many. The views from the top are stellar. The use of steep non-system trails, however, has killed grasses and native plants whose roots are the glue that hold the hill together. Restoration efforts include getting use off steep non-system trails and reestablishing grasses and native plants to keep the hill from eroding further. This will succeed only with your help. Camel's Back trails are Pedestrian Only and dogs must be on leash. Use only the designated trails.

Red Fox Trail #36 / Gold Finch #35 / Owls Roost Trail #37
Families can enjoy a variety of routes and loops using these trails. Various kinds of birds, fox and deer are spotted on occasion. The Grove is an area of native and exotic trees providing a nice shade alternate to the hot sagebrush environment of the foothills. The Ponds Loop is a perfect short walk for small children and provides a great opportunity for bird watching. Start at Camel's Back parking area or the end of 9th Street.Hulls Gulch

Kestrel Trail #39A
This is a great way to connect to the Central Foothills and is a good alternative to coming down Lower Hulls Gulch. The short but steep route could be difficult for some users.

Trailhead Parking:
This area can be reached from the east end of Camel's Back Park located on the corner of 13th and Heron Streets, from a small parking area at the end of 9th Street, or on 8th Street at the Grove Trailhead (.5 miles from 8th Street/Lemp intersection) and the Lower Hulls Gulch Trailhead (1.1 miles from 8th Street/Lemp intersection).

Red-Winged Blackbird Trail #35A
Chickadee Ridge Trail #36A
The Grove Trail #38
Military Reserve Connector Trail #23

Best Bets: Views, native grasses, short walk, easy hike/bike loop, riparian trees/shrubs, and wildlife/waterfowl.

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