Motorized Users

Motorized UserThere are two trails that are open to motorized use within the Ridge to Rivers system – 8th Street Motorcycle Trail #4 and Curlew Connector #6.  Both trails are considered expert level due to steep grades and exposure.

Please help us preserve the integrity of these trails by riding only when they are firm and dry.

  • Motorcycles, ATVs and wet trails don’t mix well – the trail ends up losing – becoming a series of large ruts.

Please ride slowly on mixed use trails – especially the section of 8th Street Motorcycle Trail #4 between the 8th Street Motorcycle Parking Lot and the Fat-Tire Traverse Trail #42 junction – as this area is heavily used by hikers, runners and mountain bikers as well.

Ride only on trails open to motorized use.

Avoid “roosting” whenever possible, as this damages the trails and leads to ruts – which eventually become erosion channels.


Brought to you by the City of Boise