Map Sales

The system wide map of Ridge to Rivers and Shafer Trail System maps can be purchased at a variety of locations in the Treasure Valley. All proceeds are set aside for future map printings and trail projects.

Backcountry Pursuit, 671 S Capitol Blvd, Boise (208) 429-1124
Bandanna Running
, 121 N 5th, Boise (208) 386-9017
Bicycle Mania, 8305 W State St, Garden City (208) 853-0195
Boise City, Administration Office, 1104 Royal Blvd, Boise (208) 608-7600
Boise City, Jim Hall Foothills Learning Center, 3188 Sunset Peak Rd, Boise (208) 493-2530
Eastside Cycles, 3123 S Bown Way, Boise (208) 344-3005
Foot Dynamics, 1021 W Main St, Boise (208) 386-3338
George's Cycles, 5515 W State St., Boise (208) 853-1964
George's Cycles, 251 E Front St., Boise (208) 343-3782
Idaho Blueprint, 619 Main St, Boise (208) 344-7878
Idaho Mountain Touring, 1310 Main St, Boise (208) 336-3854
Idaho Mountain Touring Meridian, 1739 W Cherry Lane, Meridian (208) 350-6455
Ken's Bicycles, 10470 W Overland Rd, Boise (208) 376-9240
McU's Sports, 822 W Jefferson, Boise (208) 342-7734
Outdoor Exchange, 1415 W Grove St, Boise (208) 297-7002
Pulse Running, 5622 W State St, Boise (208) 258-7769 & 520 S Meridian Rd #60, Meridian (208) 884-1141
R.E.I., 8300 W Emerald St, Boise (208) 322-1141
Shu's Idaho Running Company, 1758 W State St, Boise (208) 344-6604
Land Trust of the Treasure Valley, 708 W Franklin St, Boise (208) 345-1452
World Cycles, 1407 W State St, Boise (208) 343-9130

The Ridge to Rivers map is also available as a pdf map that you can purchase and download onto your phone through Avenza Maps. Doing so will allow you to reference your exact location on the trail system via your phone's GPS capabilities. The map is sold for $4.99, and can be accessed at this website: 


You will need to install the correct "pdf maps" app for either your Android or iOS first. This is a free app and can be accessed by scanning either of the attached QR Codes (Android QR Code Download is on the left, iOS QR Code Download is the
 middle). You can also go to the apple store or get the app through google play. If you already have the app, you can scan the QR code on the far right and it will take you right to the Avenza location of our map!

android.jpg  apple.jpg R2R_QRCode.bmp

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