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Dog_Page_3Currently Boise City Code requires dogs to be leashed within City Limits, which includes a number of trails, and all trailheads in the Camels Back/Hulls Gulch Reserve, and the Military Reserve. Idaho Fish and Game also requires that pets be leashed on trails in the Wildlife Management Area except for hunting dogs during hunting season. To learn more about City of Boise's Dog Off-Leash Parks/Areas visit Boise Parks & Recreation page

There is one Open Space Dog Off Leash Area within a flood retention basin in Military Reserve near the Mtn Cove Road / Shaw Mtn Road intersection. The future of dogs off leash in a growing recreation area like the Foothills is not clear, but responsible dog owners can help be part of the solution by following established regulations, always having control over their pets, and sharing the need for these practices with other trail users.

Check out our video concerning Dogs and Trails Etiquette

Here are a few ways you can become part of the solution:

  • Respect and follow the rules and related signs that are in place.
  • Carry a grocery bag or mutt mitt to pick up your pet's waste and deposit in trash cans - NO ONE WILL DO THIS FOR YOU.
  • Recognize the critical times for wildlife - winter through early summer- and be overly cautious with pets. A dog’s urge to hunt vulnerable wildlife can be strong.
  • Controlling your pet means keeping it from interfering with other trail users or digging and causing erosion on hillsides or stream banks.
  • Two important areas for wildlife are along streams and in the Wildlife Management Area, especially during winter and early spring. Avoid allowing your dog to cruise these areas.
  • Keep pets from “hunting” birds on hillsides. Ground-nesting birds will leave a nest if disturbed and dogs will kill young birds not capable of escape. Other trail users want to see birds, not your dog.

On-Leash Trails

The following trails require you to have your dog on-leash at all times (all are clearly signed):Dog_Page_2

Controlled Off-Leash

Dog_Page1Outside of Boise City limits on public land, dogs can run off leash if they are not disturbing wildlife or causing a safety concern with other trail users. In these "Controlled Off-Leash" areas, dog owners still must carry a leash and waste bag with them, and their dogs should not be further than 30 feet away at any time. Common sense and respect for others will go a long way in keeping this option available to you and your pet.

  • Keep pets leashed on the busy trails to protect them and other trail users.
  • Carry a grocery bag or mutt mitt to pick up your pet's waste and deposit in trash cans - NO ONE WILL DO THIS FOR YOU.
  • Become involved with groups who support being a responsible pet owner.

Now that you're all set to head out and practice your Responsible Dog Owner techniques, here's a few suggestions for you and your dog.

Pets and Wildland Safety

Our Foothills offer unique recreational opportunities for dog owners and their pets. The attached link – collaborated on by the Idaho Fish and Game Department and the Utah Fish and Game Department, provides some useful information for keeping your pet safe while traveling in wildlands throughout the state. Learn more at http://fishandgame.idaho.gov/trap.

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