Dog On & Off-Leash Trails

What trails are available for me and my dog?

Dog_Off_Leash_Page_1Finding a place to walk your dog is really quite simple. Simply head out, take a plastic grocery bag for dog waste, a leash and be aware of the rules and common sense of being a responsible dog owner.

Being aware of the ways your dog can create problems is an important part of being a responsible dog owner.

Social conflicts include:

• Not picking up your dog’s waste along the trail.
• Off-leash dogs scaring or conflicting with other trail users.

Environmental conflicts include:Dog_Off_Leash_Page_2

  • Off-leash dogs scaring, harassing or killing wildlife such as ground nesting birds or wintering big game.
  • Digging holes and disturbing rare plant sites or stream banks.

The vast majority of foothills trails are controlled off-leash. This means that dog owners must have a leash with them at all times, and their dogs must be under voice command and no further than 30 feet away. This ensures that dogs will not harass wildlife, trample sensitive plant species or become tangled with other trail users.

All trails within the Polecat Gulch Reserve are on-leash. In addition, within the Hulls Gulch Reserve and Military Reserve, several trails have on-leash requirements. These requirements are designed to protect riparian vegetation and to minimize conflicts in these heavily used areas. All trailheads within both of these Reserves are also on-leash. Failure to comply with leash restrictions is a violation of Boise City ordinance, and violators are subject to a $25 fine.

Dog_Off_Leash_Page_3The following trails are on-leash:

Military ReserveFreestone Trail #22BToll Road Trail #27ACottonwood Trail #27.

Hulls Gulch/Camel's Back Reserve: All Camel's Back TrailsRed Winged Blackbird Trail #35AGold Finch Trail #35Hulls Pond Loop #34Lower Red Fox Trail #36.

Western Foothills Trails:  All Trails in Polecat Gulch ReserveVeterans Trail #114

Eastern Foothills Trails:  All Trails in the Oregon Trail Reserve, West Highland Valley Trail #11, Homestead Trail #12Cobb Trail #13Shaw Mountain Road #ELucky Peak Road #8Hornet Loop #9.

All other Ridge to Rivers Trails are controlled off-leash. Your pet must be within 30 feet of you, and you must carry a leash and waste bag at all times.

Under the guidelines, dog owners must ensure that pets are:

• Within 30 feet and within sight and voice control.
• Prevented from harassing people, wildlife or other pets.

Surveys show that nearly 3 of 10 Foothills visitors recreate with a dog yet only 3 of 10 dogs are leashed.

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