When Trails are Muddy

Muddy_Page_3Using trails when they are muddy is the leading cause of trail damage on the Ridge to Rivers system.  

Please help us preserve the integrity of our trail system by doing the following: 


  • Stay off of muddy trails. Pay attention - if you are leaving tracks, turn back.
  • In winter, ride or hike early in the morning when trails are frozen hard.
  • Check daily trail conditions on our website to know whether you should be on the trails during winter months.
  • If you encounter short stretches of mud, ride or walk through them. Don’t leave the trail as this kills trailside vegetation and leads to trail widening.

Trails to definitely avoid (due to higher clay content) when conditions appear marginal:

  • Cottonwood Creek No. 27
  • Old Pen No. 15A
  • Table Rock No. 15
  • Polecat Loop No. 81
  • Big Springs Loop No. 113
  • Ridgecrest No. 20
  • Bucktail No. 20A
  • Red Cliffs No. 39 

All-Weather Trails – Good under almost every weather condition:

  • Lower Shoshone-Paiute Tribes Loop #19
  • Shoshone-Bannock Tribes #19A
  • Harrison Hollow Trail #57

Good bets (due to sandier soils) when conditions are marginal:

  • Dry Creek #78
  • Lower Hulls Gulch No.29
  • Red Fox No. 36
  • Camelsback Trails No. 40
  • Hulls Pond Loop No. 34
  • Gold Finch No. 35
  • Owls Roost No. 37
  • Toll Road No. 27A
  • Freestone Ridge No. 5
  • Mountain Cove No. 22C

Brought to you by the City of Boise